I Interview Sleep

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me: You've been in the news recently and there seems to be some confusion as to how some of us humans can find you once we close our eyes. Lots of scientists have been researching you, getting people's brains all wired up and bodies filled with goodnight pills, etc. Then there's the question of how many hours humans should, uh, invade you. Mind a few questions?

Sleep: (Yawning) Go right ahead, that is, if I don't have to wake up.

Me: Don't worry. I'll be quiet. First, what actually happens to us humans when we're in you?

Sleep: What you've got to understand right off is that you all spend about one-third of your life in me. That's a big hunk of living. Or rather, out of your wakeup world.

Me: Yes, we know all that. That's precisely the reason we need some clear answers from you. For instance, just where is it we go when we're in you?

Sleep: Go? There's no going anywhere. You're right there where you plopped down. It's awareness that skips town. Goes back into the Big Pool, what you humans call "god."

Me: Now wait a minute. You mean when we're in you, we become God?

Sleep: Whoa! Not you per se. You remain just a big blob of flesh and bones filled with water. But you're still breathing. Heart beating, blood flowing, etc. In short, alive but unconscious. You see, I've got to get rid of your brain waves, where you store your phony "identities" and such, in order that the water, which is about 70 per cent of you, is able to accept a new supply of energy.

Me: Do you mean to say that we get filled with energy when we're in you?

Sleep: Yeah, something like that. But, it's not that simple. You see, energy's got to come from somewhere outside your body. But it just can't enter, kerplop! Like a baseball And suddenly it's inside the glove. There's gotta be a medium through which it can pass.

Me: Wow! This is getting complicated. But where does the energy come from and what is the medium by which it enters the body?

Sleep: I really find it amazing that you humans in thousands of years haven't yet cottoned onto the fact that the whole universe is full of energy.

Me: Well, some of us have. Einstein, for example, and Bucky Fuller who claimed it was 'synergy' and a Swiss named Theodor Schwenk who proved that water had inter-surfaces which stored energy.

Sleep: There you go! And it's those very inter-surfaces which contain the energy which flows into you-the human battery-when you're in what your scientists call 'deep sleep.' Why do you think all of you are 70% water? Energy can't enter solid bone. But nothing happens when you're just dreamin'. That's only your brain having a bit a fun with you. You gotta be out cold, blotto.

Me: But you mentioned a 'medium.' So what is that?

Sleep: Well, you might not believe it, and a lot of you will surely deny it-but you're not just a bundle of bones and muscle and national citizens. That's just the outer shell. Or say, the lowest framework or skeleton. You've got what some of you call an 'astral' or 'subtle' body. Some of you have called it a 'karmic' or 'Buddhic' body. It's like an outer shell, mistylike, but invisible.

Me: Hey, I've read something about that. Sort of explains ghosts and stuff. But so what happens to that 'body' when we're in you?

Sleep: Well that subtle or etheric body has to separate from the physical body in order to receive the cosmic energy from outside. It stays linked up like a tube but it's able to sort of drink in energy like a sponge. How do you think you can function the next day without a new supply of energy? Incidentally, when the physical body is kaput, the astral goes out through the tube. But that's another story.

Me: What a marvelous system! And just think all of us humans go through the same process every night throughout our whole life..

Sleep: Yep. But you sure don't act like it during the day. The minute you come out of me and awareness pops back in, you screw it all up for about sixteen hours until you have to enter me again.

Me: How do you mean, 'screw it up'?

Sleep: You go crazy with phony identities, political, religious, cultural. The works. Especially you men. Look at your world: wars, phony frontiers, destroying the planet with carbon, etc. Most of you haven't even discovered the obvious fact that you're one species yet. You still think in national tribal terms. Goes back to the ancient days. When two human tribes met, say, separated by a mountain or a sea, they either fought or merged. If they merged, it was probably because the chiefs figured that one plus one equals three, a peaceful society itself being the added digit.

Me: So what is your advice to our race today in order to become a single world society.

Sleep: Simple. Everything's been arranged already, that is, cosmically. First, get a good night's me. And when you wake up, and awareness-which incidentally, is global itself, comes flooding back, use the cosmic energy you've been given freely to thank Whomever it is always catering to your basic needs on earth. Hey, I've got my own job to do and I have to perform every night not only for you humans but for billions of other living beings throughout the cosmos. The least you could do is recognize you're all really just a bunch of big batteries which run down every day no matter who you claim you are when you're awake. In short, drop the pretense-kings and commoners, etc. and ignorance you're anything but human organisms living on one rather insignificant planet among billions. Otherwise, someday you'll all be permanently in me 24/7. Your kids dig this better than you elders. For their sake, wise up,

Me: Whew! Thanks a mil. I'll try to get the message out.


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