A Conference on Dignity/Humiliation Missed

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"The desire for recognition unites us human beings."
(Dr. Evelin Lindner, Making Enemies, Praeger Security International, 1954)

Henrik Arnold Wergeland was a renowned Norwegian poet and prose writer who worked against discrimination. The Minister of Culture in Norway, Trond Giske, as part of the Wergeland Heritage,has announced 2008 as the "Year of Diversity" in Norway. "This vision is relevant for a number of cooperation partners in Norway," he added, "such as the Oslo University, International Summer School, the Nobel Institute, the Peace Research Institute of Norway, the Oslo University and the Nansen Academy".

As I write, in celebration of the "Wergeland Year," the 11th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies is taking place in Oslo, Norway coordinated by its founder/director Dr. Evelin Lindner. As a member of the Conference, I was invited by Dr. Lindner who graciously wrote, "We appreciate highly your willingness to contribute to our workshop. Your participation is of extreme importance to our meeting and we are certain that your contribution will have important reverberations not only for your work, but also have fruitful impact in your wider field."

Anticipating a problem on obtaining a Norwegian 15-day visitor's visa on my World Passport, I wrote to King Harald V on April 23, 2008:

King Harald V
Det Kgl, Slott
N 0010 Oslo 1

Your Majesty,

I write to inform you of my proposed visit to Norway, at the invitation* of Dr. Evelin Lindner, founder/coordinator, to attend the 11th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies to be held in Oslo beginning 23rd June as part of the "Wergeland Year for Human Dignity." (I enclose my talk at the 2007 Workshop at Columbia University).

Prior to my request for the requisite visitor's visa, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I take the liberty to quote a personal bio penned by Dr. Lindner to fellow participants:

"(Garry Davis) is a former US Presidential Candidate, and peace activist who created the first 'World Passport.' A former World War II bomber pilot and Broadway actor, he renounced his American citizenship in Paris in 1948 to become a 'citizen of the world.' Davis founded the World Service Authority, which now issues the passports-along with birth and other certificates-to applicants. Davis first used his 'world passport' on a trip to India in 1956, and has been variably admitted into...countries around the world after using his world passport. Up to 150 countries have accepted the world passport at one time or another. In France, his support committee was co-founded by writers Albert Camus and Andre Gide and the Abbe Pierre (quoted from wikipedia)".

The World Passport above-mentioned derives from an article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations December 10, 1948: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." The Charter further obliges Member-States to "Observe and respect fundamental human rights.." in articles 55/56.

I attach a partial list of "Honorary World Passport" holders among whom you will find eight Nobel Peace Laureates. Apropos, a group of "Global Elders" chaired by Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela and including Jimmy Carter, Muhammad Yunus, Aung San Suu Kyi and Kofi Annan, initiated by Sir Richard Branson and human rights activist Peter Gabriel, have launched a human rights campaign "to empower global citizens to protect the first ever comprehensive agreement on human rights among nations."

"Human rights are not a privilege," the Group claimed, "They are everyone's entitlement..So as we approach the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Rights, we now have the opportunity to enforce the Declaration's principles assuring that every single woman and every single child enjoys the rights of all human beings."

I am reminded that the Norwegian Constitution in Article 110c provides that "It is the responsibility of the authorities of the State to respect and ensure human rights. Specific provisions for the implementation of treaties hereof shall be determined by law."
I have the honor and pleasure to enclose my book, World Government, Ready or Not!

Please accept, Your Majesty, the expression of my most cordial and respectful one world regards,


On May 4th, upon presenting myself at the Norwegian Consulate in Washington, D.C., I was refused a visa on the basis that Norway "does not recognize the World Passport as a valid travel document." Ditto for the Swedish consulate the next day. (I mentioned to the Swedish Secretary that, following the Peenemunde raid on August 24, 1944, I was interned in Sweden along with my B-17 crew.)

The irony of this refusal is implicit in the following points re the evolution of the World Passport itself:

First point: The WSA World Passport is the only successor to the Nansen Passport, created by Norway's Fritjof Nansen in 1919 following the Soviet revolution in 1917 when tens of thousands of so-called "White Russians" had to flee to Europe to escape death from the Communists. Nansen was Norway's delegate to the League of Nations and both a humanitarian and explorer. He was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1922 for this action.
Second point: When World War II began in 1939, the League was disbanded and the Nansen Passport Office closed never to reopen. But the refugee population proliferated following the war.
Third point: The UN itself did not authorize the reestablishment of a passport agency for the world refugee population now in the millions. (The UNHCR does not issue passports to refugees).
Fourth point: A treaty was finally signed in 1956 by certain nations authorizing them to issue a "Refugee Travel Document" to individuals to whom they arbitrarily assigned refugee status. Millions of refugees were excluded and remain today either in camps or in prisons. (UNHCR "official" figures: over 20,000,000).
Fifth point, Following the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948, as a "common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations," the World Service Authority was founded in 1953 to promote and service articles sanctioned by the declaration, specifically article 13(2), the right of freedom of travel. Thus the first World Passports were issued as of July, 1954.
Sixth point: To date, over 750,000 World Passports have been issued on public demand with both de facto and de jure recognition from over 150 nations, including Norway.*
*See www.worldservice.org/visas.html The World Passport is filed with the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal.

(Note to Norwegian and Swedish citizens: Both King Harald V and King Carl Gustav XVI have since been "issued" honorary World Passports which acceptance has been duly acknowledged via return postage. While King Gustav acknowledged the accompanying letter, King Harald has not yet deigned to reply. It should be noted that while neither king enjoys executive power according to their constitutions, one of the most globally-publicized functions of both is to present the yearly Nobel Laureate prizes to the self-declared "world citizens" selected by the Nobel Committees whether for "peace" or other world community accomplishments).

It also goes without saying that the participants of the Conference on Human Dignity and Humiliation did not travel to Norway identified solely by World Passports.

(Additional footnote and final irony: Norway has given refuge to a certain number of Iraqi refugees who fled from the ongoing conflict in their country. Recently the World Service Authority has been receiving World Passport application forms from them downloaded from its internet web site-www.worldservice.org).

Personal afterthought: (Posted 7.1.08) While the conferencees in Oslo have a humiliation case at their intellectual and actual doorstep as it were, this particular issue herein described is minor compared to critical issues of humiliation worldwide such as nuclear weaponry, global warming, male-female relationships, homelessness, poverty, rival tribalism and war, etc. etc. Then the question of who is being humiliated and who is humiliating is complex with many levels. Are we, who take human rights seriously attempting to claim them being humiliated by national "leaders" and their underlings who defend the fictional frontier world or are they in turn being humiliated by their own affiliation with, say, the United Nations which in principle provides the very human rights agenda for we, the citizens of the world?

At least, Dr. Evelin Lindner and her coterie of globally-minded intellectuals have opened this critically-important and dynamic discussion. More power to them!


A Serious Proposal To Hillary Rodham Clinton

Thursday, June 05, 2008

First of all, Mrs. Clinton, let's face it; you don't really want to be the Vice-President of the United States. It's a puppet position and it's just not you. Sitting in the chair of the Senate and banging the gavel from time to time like you were accomplishing something important is not your cup 'a tea. No, Hillary, you are too important for that wimp job. In fact, ever since Bill became prez, you became a world voice, a molder of public opinion far beyond America's frontiers. The present campaign reinforced that global image.

There is another and far more compelling role for you to play in these historic times.

And that takes us back to WWI when the women's movements against war and for world government began.
But almost daily we hear news of women everywhere agitating against war, against poverty, against global warming, and etc. Some are in national power; some are in international movements such as "The Council of Women World Leaders" and "Peace X Peace," "Code Pink," "Connecting Women for Peace." And WILPF. Some are Nobel Peace Laureates. The women of the world are beginning to wake up not only to their global unity and responsibilities but to their giant and invincible power vis-a-vis the threats to humanity itself. Surely you, Hillary Clinton, know many of them yourself.

They are where the real action is!

Hillary Clinton, history is calling upon you to join the world's peacemakers, especially pioneers such as Jane Adams, Rosika Schwimmer and Lola Lloyd. Pioneers who had the passion, foresight and enormous drive to change their world against the madness of war and destruction to one of justice, freedom and peace under law.

Eleanor Roosevelt is a prime example of the woman's role in world politics. Leading the US delegation to the United Nations from 1945 to 1948, she chaired the Committee commissioned to define and proclaim the Universal Declaration of Human Rights now arriving at its 60th anniversary December 10th.

It was a mandate for the legitimatization of world citizenship for all humans on planet earth.

Let's face it, Hillary Clinton, a United States president alone cannot solve global problems however intelligent, earnest, patriotic and willful he is. The administrative level just doesn't cut it in the 21st century when the problems we all face are global.

That first day in the Oval office, Barack (or John) will suddenly be faced with an anarchic world community in which his commander-in-chief hat will be useless. His political tool, the US Constitution, simply doesn't provide for world peace as part of his executive power.

Hillary Clinton, if you want to be truly powerful, you must "go global!" You must "represent" the entire world community.


You are a politician. How can your immense talents, experience and wisdom in that profession be applied to the issue of world peace?

In your best-selling book you wrote: "Let us build a village worthy of our children" and you said: "Children have many lessons to share with us-lessons about what they need, what makes them happy, how they view the world. If we listen, we'll be able to hear them."

So what do the children say? 30,000 students at the City Montesssori School in Lucknow, India have called for a "world parliament" in order to legislate world laws to outlaw war. You can read their appeal at: http://www.cmseducation.org/article51/children_appeal.htm

The notion of a world parliament is an ancient idea first proposed by the Greeks. Wise men and women throughout the centuries have enthusiastically endorsed the idea. But our highly technical world, for the first time in our human history, possesses the instant communication methods to actually realize it. Indeed, the world citizen constituency already exists. Then the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures." (Article 21.3) Article 28 provides that "Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized."

The moment for this MAJOR HISTORIC CHANGE IS AT HAND! We, the citizens of the world, have already claimed our sovereign will for world peace through law.

Hillary Clinton, we need your wisdom, encouragement and ACTIVE support WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION. Indeed, what mission is more important for those whose very destiny is to lead humankind other than world peace?

Therefore, we, the citizens of the world government founded September 4, 1953, enjoin you to declare yourself a candidate for a WORLD PARLIAMENT-to be.

How can you declare yourself a candidate for something which does not yet exist?
Back in the early 1970's Willie Brandt, when Chancellor of West Germany and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, made an announcement that he's a "candidate" for a "European Parliament." Everybody was shocked, has he gone mad? There is no European Parliament journalists reminded him. "Don't you think I know that?" he replied. Willie Brandt tosses his hat into a political ring which does not exist-no machinery for it. It implies that citizens can vote beyond their nation? Heresy! This upsets the whole business of national sovereignty and yet Willie Brandt is imagining it! Five year later all the citizens of the Common Market are voting for direct representatives to the European Parliament! Willie Brandt's courage in stepping out and saying 'I am a candidate' for something that does not exist signaled a political milestone which finally lead to the creation of a European Parliament!

Einstein reminded us that "imagination is more important than intelligence."

On November 22, 1948, with friends, this writer interrupted a session of the General Assembly in Paris calling upon the UN to establish "one government for one world."

In her column, My Day, on December 15, 1948, five days following the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, US delegate and Committee Chairperson Eleanor Roosevelt wrote the following:

"How very much better it would be if Mr. Davis would set up his own governmental organization and start then and there a worldwide international government. All who would join him would learn that they have no nationality and, therefore, not being bothered by any special interest in any one country everyone would develop what he believes to be a completely co-operative feeling among all peoples and a willingness to accept any laws passed by this super government."

Seven years later we did just that. (See www.worldgovernment.org)

Einstein ended his incredible life with these words: "We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest."

Hillary Rodman Clinton, remember your humanity, and forget the rest.

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