Bush Threatens Humanity to "Save" Israel

Friday, October 19, 2007

Where's the outrage? Where is the screaming NYT's headline, "Madman Bush Ready to Launch World War III if Ahmadinejad Possesses Nuclear Arms"? Where are the TV commentators blasting this latest evidence of maddening provocation? Where are the bloggers , the pacifists, the nuclear scientists denouncing this obscene pretense of leadership?

In his Wednesday, Oct. 16 press conference, George Bush looked at the astonished journalists and with his smirking smile--televised on CNN--said "We got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel." He even seemed happy while he was saying it. He then followed that he had "told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon." This from a man with 3,000+ hair-triggered nuclear weapons at his fingertips who already claimed the "right" to use them preemptively at any nation which in his opinion threatened the "security" of the United States.

And what was his rationale for threatening the human race with annihilation? "The whole strategy is that, you know, at some point in time leaders or responsible folks inside of Iran may get tired of isolation and say, 'This isn't worth it,' and to me it's worth the effort to keep the pressure on this government."

In other words, if the Iranian public doesn't throw out President Ahmadinejad, the "Decider" might just push The Button and destroy the human race.

This is The Ultimate Threat! And Bush alone has the power to carry it through. Moreover as a closet fundamentalist, he is OK with the prophesies of Revelations of "wars and rumors of wars."

Forget the United Nations. Forget the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Forget the International Criminal Court. Forget the women of the world who are rising in wrath at the patriarchal nature of national politics. Forget the rest of the national leaders of big and small states who are equally committed to "observe and respect fundamental human rights." (Art. 56, UDHR). Forget the Noble Peace Laureates who till now have been utterly silent on the subject of world law and government. Forget even the American public who Bush is legally pledged to protect and which would itself be destroyed in WWIII, not to mention, ironically, Bush's own family and kin (unless, of course, they end up in a cave somewhere under a Virginia mountain). And forget the past religious leaders and sages, the philosophers and artists and entertainers, all who have recognized the world's and humanity's oneness from time immemorial.

And forget the millions of declared World Citizens now spread throughout the world community under the aegis of the World Government of World Citizens.

But even more important, forget planet earth which in a third world war would be the prime target given the radioactivity of nuclear weaponry. Environmentalists, be warned.

The brazen audacity of this man who claims to listen to "God's voice" when planning his earthly moves but thinks like a high school bully, must be exposed as clear evidence of deep paranoia. The human species is not George Bush's private gang willfully obedient to his every petty and/or destructive whim.

In legal terms, pointing a nuclear "gun" at humanity is a "global felony."

Under the Nuremberg Principles, Bush is an "enemy of humanity" formally indictable at the International Criminal Court.

Indeed, eight other heads of nuclear states are thereby also "enemies of humanity" and equally indictable.

Who then can submit this class-action suit in the name of humanity and argue it at this court before it's too late?

I ask as a father, a veteran of World War II and a registered World Citizen

Stay Tuned.

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