An Appeal from the World Service Authority

The World Service Authority

Founded in 1954 to implement universal human rights.

(For additional information about donating to the human rights and world citizenship actions of the World Service Authority, please also follow these two links regarding theWSA Funding Information Letter and the Donation Form.)

Dear World Citizen,

The World Service Authority coordinates global actions and programs that promote recognition of World Citizenship and World Law as fundamental, vital extensions of civic rights and responsibilities.

Among its activities and programs are:

We need your help to keep these exciting and timely projects moving rapidly forward. Your donation at this critical moment in history will enable us to boldly continue and evolve the vital activities of global citizenship and global stewardship into every corner of the world.

As a concrete and cogent gesture of thanks, for each thousand dollars ($1000) you contribute to the World Service Authority you will receive 10 World Kilowatt Dollars in $K10 denominations issued by the World Kilowatt Fund,Washington, D.C. (A first series, this unique, global peace and human rights, numbered currency printed on security paper is already becoming a collector's item. Who knows what value it might have, say, in l0 years as World Government evolves?)

The form below is provided for your convenience. If you would like to make a donation, please fill out the form, and mail it to the address shown below.

With many thanks for your generous support,

Yours in One World,
Garry Davis
Founder/WGWC Coordinator


Yes, as a World Citizen, I would indeed like to support the exciting and timely projects of the World Service Authority.

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Please select amount of contribution:

( )Sovereign Donor.....$5000    ( )World Donor.....$1000   
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Please make checks/money orders in US Dollars payable to:


World Service Authority
5 Thomas Circle, NW,
Washington, DC 20005 USA
Telephone: 1-202-638-2662

----------------- CREDIT CARD DONATION FORM ------------------

You may make donations to the World Service Authority by credit card by CLICKING ON THE PAY NOW BUTTON below. Please note that there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

If you prefer to make donations offline, you may by submit your credit card information by post or by fax to 202-638-0638. Or you may call us by phone to charge your card. Do NOT send the following form by email. Please note that there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. Please note that due to the effective legal and political advocacy of the WSA, in addition to its educational programs, donations are not tax-deductible despite its non-profit status.


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Thank you for your very generous contribution.