Global Roundup

"Flash Mob Interrupts UN!"

A Broadway actor leapt over a barricade to the front of the United Nations Assembly and interrupted the proceedings with a call for the delegates to create a parliament of, by and for the people of Earth.

"If you can't do it, step aside and a Peoples World Assembly will arise from our ranks to do it," shouted actor Garry Davis, a war veteran and former bomber pilot.

UN security forces grabbed Davis, but as they tussled with him, war-hero Robert Sarrazac leapt up on the opposite balcony and shouted in French: "In the name of the people of the world not represented here, I interrupt!"

One after another, other protesters continued Davis's speech: "The nations you represent divide us and lead us to the brink of total war."

As the interruptions continued, many delegates were shocked -- but a large number applauded.

The UN President banged his gavel for order and officially adjourned the session, but the protesters continued holding the floor for a full hour -- as many delegates listened or even joined in the debate.

The protesters had entered the hall as individuals, each with their own credentials, scattered among the balcony audience. On Mr. Davis's signal they began one by one to spring into action.

In a clip released to the press one of the protesters, Pierre Berge, said the interruption was planned and executed by "very famous writers such as John Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Andre Breton, Simone de Beauvoir, Raymond Queneau, and many many others" including Andre Gide and L'Abbe Pierre, founder of the Emmaus movement which helps homeless people and refugees.

Berge called the disruption "a political comedy" and said it was designed to give people hope for a better way to run our world. "We have to dream, because the only way to catch the reality is to dream."

The surprising thing about this event is that it occurred (continued)...

"Is Humanity Ready for a World Court of Human Rights?"

"Is Humanity Ready for a World Court of Human Rights?" A Panel of experts will discuss the proposed World Court of Human Rights (@WorldCourtofHR) on 31 October at University of Ottawa (@uOttawa) Faculty of Law from 4 to 6 pm. Co-sponsored by World Service Authority (@worldcitizengov and and @WCHRCoalition.

Click here for more information on the World Court of Human Rights Panel at University of Ottawa Faculty of Law

WSA President Interviewed on Talk Nation Radio

David Swanson, "Talk Nation Radio" show host and author of "When the World Outlawed War," interviews WSA President David Gallup about world peace through world citizenship.

Talk Nation Radio with David Swanson

and at

Talk Nation Radio with David Swanson on SoundCloud

Earth Travel Advisory to All Extra-Terrestrials

Earth -- Year 4.54 Billion

World Service Authority (WSA), preeminent world citizenship and universal rights organization, issues a travel advisory to all extra-terrestrials considering visiting Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe, Multiverse.

Due to state-sponsored violence, to the ubiquitous production, distribution and usage of weaponry, to the degradation of the environment through pollution, toxins, and climate change, to violations of rights and duties of terrestrial inhabitants mostly by humans, the WSA advises that all travel to the planet be curtailed until humans unite as world citizens under world law, the basis for world peace.

Speaking from their World Office at +38.90 latitude, -77.03 longitude, David Gallup, President of the WSA, said, "We cannot guarantee your safety when attempting to land or as a tourist. It is quite possible that you could be caught in the crossfires of human aggression, or arbitrarily detained for so-called 'scientific,' 'national security' or 'public order' reasons."

At this time, according to WSA's estimation, the likelihood of an extra-terrestrial's universal rights being violated while visiting the planet remains high.

Garry Davis, World Citizen #1 and Founder of the WSA, once wrote, "Given today's increasing social, political and environmental planet-wide upheavals, we must ask the question, 'Are we at the final act of human life on the planet or at the beginning of a new age?'" While this question remains to be answered, extra-terrestrials are encouraged to contact the Department of Universal Travel prior to arranging any trip to this quadrant.

For More Information, Contact:

World Service Authority®

To view the Travel Advisory, follow this link: Earth Travel Advisory for All Extra-Terrestrials

Film Festival Premiere of "The World Is My Country" Documentary on Garry Davis and the World Citizenship Movement

"THE WORLD IS MY COUNTRY," has its festival premiere at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival on April 23, 27 and 29, 2017.

In this documentary, Garry Davis tells his own story about his political activism so gutsy and eye-opening that it sparks a huge people power movement -- drawing Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Camus and a cast of thousands into an amazing journey that Martin Sheen calls "a road map to a better future."

Minneapolis is a special place for our Film Festival Premiere about World Citizen #1 Garry Davis because Minnesotans have been pioneers in promoting World Citizenship for half a century. The state was the first in the US to issue a declaration of World Citizenship!

Don't miss this opportunity to see historic footage and learn how the modern world citizenship movement was launched!

"The World is My Country" MINNEAPOLIS SHOWINGS:

Festival page and ticket information:

"The World In Us" -- Berlin Theater Production on Garry Davis and World Citizenship

"Sorry, it cannot carry on this way. I hereby declare myself a stateless citizen of the world." (Garry Davis, 1948)

In 1948, the American bomber pilot, actor and activist Garry Davis called the world citizen movement into being. In front of the United Nations General Assembly, he advocated for law and government beyond the nation-state and for world citizenship. The theater collective Turbo Pascal go in search of young world citizens--in three different schools in Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg and Lichtenberg. Together with these young Berliners, they tell the story of Garry Davis from different perspectives, mixing it up with their own passport stories and passport dreams. What would you lose if you gave up your national citizenship? And what would it mean to demand world citizenship for all people?

Listen to the podcast about the play: Berlin Theater Play

World Passport in Exhibition, Saint-Etienne, France

The World Passport is featured in the exhibition "La Gueule de l'emploi" at the International Biennale of Design 2017 in Saint-Etienne, France, entitled "Working Promise, shifting work paradigms."

This exhibit deals with "les sans papiers," immigrants and asylum seekers, and the rights and the daily identity struggle for Workers Without Papers that have to borrow an identity and papers to find work or accept any job "illegally" (no matter what the pay or conditions). There is an enormous amount of abuse by governments and employers, and the law is often bent to allow employers to employ immigrants and people waiting for asylum for long hours in unacceptable conditions for a meager wage. As part of this project, the World Passport and world citizenship provide an alternate plan for immigrants, refugees, and displaced around the world to move beyond the constraints and rights violations of the nation-state system. Visit the Exhibition website here: 2017 Saint-Etienne Design Biennale

World Passport in Exhibition, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Laura Mudde, Curator at the Marres House for Contemporary Culture in The Netherlands, speaks with David Gallup about an art exhibition on migration and identity. The World Passport is on display along with information and forms to apply for World Service Authority human rights documents.

Video with Laura Mudde about the exhibition: Exhibition Video

Website of Marres, the location of the exhibition: Marres website

Celebrate Human Rights Day!

A sneak preview of the documentary on World Citizen Garry Davis will be screened by the Peace & Justice Center and

This is a free event that includes a film screening, refreshments, copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and World Citizen buttons.

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. It marks a milestone in the history of human rights, and commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly, under the guidance of Eleanor Roosevelt, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day. Today, 68 years later, the Declaration remains more relevant than ever.

The feature length documentary features world citizen Garry Davis, a futurist and utopian thinker who was a resident of Burlington for many years until his death in 2013. Commentary after the film will be provided by long-time friend Robin Lloyd, and attorney and international judicial systems advocate Mark Oettinger. Oettinger has been working on one of Garry's projects, the creation of a World Court of Human Rights. He has led a team of international human rights practitioners to create a proposed statute for such a court. More information can be found at Mark will describe the project, and take questions, following the showing of the documentary. The filmmaker, Arthur Kanegis, will join us on Skype.

"The World is my Country"

Friday, December 9, 2016 at 6 pm

Peace & Justice Center,

60 Lake St.

Burlington, Vermont 05401

World Citizen Action Day -- May 25th

On May 25, 1948, Garry Davis walked into the United States Embassy in Paris, France as an "American." After taking the Oath of Renunciation, he left the embassy free of all constraints and all borders that separate one human from another. Some people called him "stateless"; I consider him to have become "worldful" -- aware of the world as one and of humanity as united.

Today, we celebrate World Citizen Action Day, by taking actions to support the earth and all its inhabitants. Whether claiming our world citizenship status by registering through the World Service Authority, learning about our rights affirmed in the Universal Declaration, fulfilling duties to one another and the environment, or simply helping someone in need, World Citizen Action Day is meant to inspire us to not only contemplate the change we want to see in the world, but to be and make that change.

Garry Davis's brave action, sixty-eight years ago, to transcend the confines of the nation-state confirms that every individual has the power to create a world that works for everyone.

--David Gallup
President, World Service Authority®

Human Rights Lawyer Michael Ratner and Garry Davis

I was so moved by Amy Goodman's homage to visionary lawyer Michael Ratner's life and good works today ( Michael died on Wednesday.

I got to know Michael when I served on the board of the Center for Constitutional Rights in the late '90s. When I asked him for a soundbite on world citizen Garry Davis, he was glad to speak out for his fellow visionary. I included his comments in my video "Passport to Freedom: Garry Davis and The World Service Authority":

"Garry Davis has presented a vision of a world future that would be peaceful...where people would have the right to move around the world and in and out of their countries under their own will. While that's a vision for the future, it's absolutely necessary to implement today: for one, because of the number of refugees in the world, people without a country. They're in limbo and they essentially have no hope. They can be prosecuted wherever they're found. What Garry has been able to do is to say to governments, these people are citizens of the world and they're entitled to have passports and to travel freely across borders..."

Michael and Garry: Presente! May the legions of us inspired by your messages continue to work for one world, with justice for all.

--Robin Lloyd

(Here's a clip from the video: https://

Homage to Garry Davis on Human Rights Day

By Juan Carlos Vallejo,
at the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington, Vermont

December 10, 2015

"A Man Without Borders"

One of Garry's hobbies was to play chess. He was an excellent chess player and loyal adversary.

"Giancarlo!" he would greet me when I arrived at his house. Before his health declined, we were seated around his marble chess board many times. He would begin with the Double King's Pawn or the English Opening but when he was playing with the black pieces, his favorite movement was the Sicilian Defense. He was a brave opponent!

"The world is a chess game, did you know that?" And he plunged into the board, silent, thinking about the next move and calibrating my response.

He was dangerous with the bishops. "All wars have a high religious content. That is why they are represented here," he said, and again, silent...

Each time a short comment, but full of wisdom. Generally, our game finished in a Lucena Position. He never surrendered and fought until the end.

Sharing time with him was a privilege because Garry was a source of knowledge and enlightenment.

Today, when strong winds are blowing of a third world war, we remember the legacy of Garry Davis and call for demonstrations against war. We have only this earth, this planet, but the extinction of life is a possibility. We miss Garry, the World Citizen, the Man without borders.

Garry, the real chess board is ready!!

(To view the photos that accompany this homage, please visit WSA's Facebook page at:

World Passport Issued to Snowden

Washington, DC

Sunday, July 07, 2013

WSA Issues World Passport to Edward Snowden

Based Upon Article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

For Immediate Release: Sunday July 7, 2013

Edward Snowden is an alleged National Security Agency whistle-blower who exposed the mass monitoring of United States citizens. Deprived of his United States Passport, he is currently immobilized in a Moscow Airport Transit Lounge with no ongoing ticket to any nation. This is a flagrant violation of Article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states the following: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country."

The World Service Authority (WSA), a Washington D.C. non-profit human rights organization and administrative branch of the World Government of World Citizens, has issued Mr. Snowden a World Passport so he can travel without limitation. 91 year old Garry Davis and founder of WSA proclaims: "This unprecedented situation reveals dramatically the power of one individual versus the nation-state system, while highlighting individual sovereignty. The fact that Snowden is immobilized in a Moscow Airport Transit Lounge further exposes the fiction of nation-state frontiers."

- 30 -

Garry Davis
World Government Of World Citizens
Washington, DC

Link to Press Release on Twitter:

Oh, It's Human Rights Day Again

Friday, December 09, 2011
December 10, 2011

Oh, it's Human Rights Day again!

Some scattered thoughts:

Ask a hundred people in any street in the United States or in France, England, Egypt, India or in fact anywhere on the planet if they can quote any of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed 63 years ago today as a "common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations..." by the General Assembly of the United Nations sequestered at the Palais de Chaillot, Place Trocadero, Paris.

I'll wager that not one has a clue. I've asked thousands. The general ignorance about a document which is THE VERY FOUNDATION OF PEACE, COMMON WELFARE AND FREEDOM IN THE WORLD is not only startling but frightening. Why? Because if you don't know your human rights, YOU CAN'T CLAIM THEM.


Your worldwide protests against the so-called "1%", however, fall on deaf ears. Why? Because you haven't claimed what you are FOR. So long as you acknowledge them as the "winners" of the economic pile, you are admitting you are already the losers. Don't you know yet that you are HERE AND NOW the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE WORLD? That's what the UDHR opens with: "Whereas recognition of the inherent DIGNITY and of the equal and INALIENABLE RIGHTS of all members of the HUMAN FAMILY is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world...:" That you, members of the human family. (emphais added). And it gets better as you read on: "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..." (art 21[3])

I know, I know, the schools don't teach it; the parents never heard of it; the politicians, God forbid, never mention it, the writers and pundits -- smug in their ivory intellectual towers -- mention it, if at all, as pie-in-the-sky never to be brought down to the crowded alleyways of the struggling, depressed common peasant herds who are unconditioned to think of themselves as bona fide members of the entire human race and even if they did, what to DO about it?

Before you can DO anything, you have to BE someone! Claim your inalienable global citizenship NOW!

My last blog was pointed directly at you millions of courageous "occupiers" in your tents and crowded street mobs using "mike checks" and pointing you tent poles at the complacent "1%" in their penthouse suites smugly overlooking the cities with their drinks in hand ignoring the noise from the crowded streets. I advised you to "VERTICALIZE" your movement, or more precisely, yourselves from your horizontal, therefore, supine position on the planetary soil. In short, STAND UP AND CLAIM YOUR REAL PLACE IN THE WORLD! Article 6 of the UDHR states that "Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. EVERYONE!!!!! No exceptions. Male or female, Jew, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, black, white, yellow or red, or whatever.

But, wait a mo, what law? Where is the law which covers EVERYONE? Where is the court adjudicating such a law? Gotta be a world court, that's for sure. The Preamble of the UDHR even states that " a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law." Should be? Why not "shall be"? But more to the point, human rights must be protected by the rule of law...but that means WORLD LAW, brothers and sisters. Yes, world law But...I don't hear any of you shouting for world law in your "mike checks." I hear a lot of shouts for "justice" and "democracy" along with the beefing about "injustice" and "monopoly." "You never change things by fighting the existing reality," wrote Buckminster Fuller. "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." A World Court of Human Rights was founded in 1974. Professor Luis Kutner became its "Chief Justice." We declared it de juris on July 27, our 90th birthday. Check out Thanks for your attention.

Garry Davis
World Government Of World Citizens
Washington, DC

Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu & Barack Obama

September 16, 2011

Dear Fellow World Citizens,

I write you in the name of the constituency of your fellow humans who have exercised their political rights, as provided by articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which you are also subject, to claim the legitimate status of world citizenship. I also write in the name of Albert Einstein, the "father" of the so-called Nuclear Age, who on his deathbed advised us to "... appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest."

Your present predicament involving a request by you, Mr. Abbas, of the population of "Palestine" to become a state in itself neglects what may be termed the "vertical" or planetary reality facing both you, Mr. Netanyahu and you, President Obama. As members of the human race, as we, your futures are inevitably allied with that of humanity itself, despite what appears deceptively to be your separate roles in the present circumstances. Article 1 of the UDHR confirms our common endowment of "reason and conscience" and a "spirit of brotherhood" our common obligation to one another.

This writer pointed out in 1976 when visiting what I termed "the Holy Land" and met two mayors of Ramallah and Halhul, Karim Khalif and Muhammad Hasan Mulhim that the principle of "self-determination" -- spelled out in international "instruments" does not necessarily guarantee security in today's world as witnessed by the example of Israel with its emphasis on an excessive military force including illegal nuclear weaponry. They agreed and signed world citizen registration forms and world passport application forms on the spot.

As to your request for "Palestine" to become a member of the United Nations, when this writer interrupted a session of the UN General Assembly on November 22, 1948 in Paris claiming that it "divided us and led us to the abyss of total war," President Herbert Evatt, in a personal letter admitted that the UN was not organized to "make peace" but only to "maintain it" once the "great powers" made it. Even the US delegate to the UN and Chair of the UDHR committee, Eleanor Roosevelt, in her column of December 15, 1948 also confirmed the UN's impotence: "The United Nations, of course, is not set up to achieve peace. That the governments are supposed to do among themselves."

You, President Obama, have also claimed to be a "citizen of the world" when addressing Berliners on January 24, 2008. You accepted the honorary World Passport we issued to you following your speech. Then when accepting the Nobel Peace prize on Oct. 9, 2009, you claimed that the two men you admired most were Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., two of the world's leading exponents of non-violence. Your obvious dilemma today as Thomas Friedman notes in the NYT: "Israel: Adrift at Sea Alone" is that "...Israel today is giving its friends -- and President Obama's one of them -- nothing to defend it with."

Your dilemma, Prime Minister Netanjahu, is the same as each and every nation-state leader in a world which is essentially one community with overall human problems, the main two being, self-evidently, world war and protection of the environment. Within these parameters, there is no "Middle East", no Israel "state" nor, indeed, the nation-state system itself. There is only humanity and a planetary environment on which we all, as humans, depend for life and sustenance. In short, "protection" of the Israeli people, as all the ancient Israeli prophets have enunciated from time immemorial, is dynamically allied with humanity's.

In conclusion, embedded in the apparent present dilemma vis-a-vis the Israeli, Palestinian and US citizens' populace is the overall notion of sovereignty. Given the above-mentioned problems facing the human race, as the UDHR itself provides in Articles 1 and 21(3), (1) "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights..." and (21,3) "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government...", you are enjoined within these already accepted parameters, in the name of humanity, to exercise your right and that of your local population to world citizenship allied to the World Government of World Citizens declared September 4, 1953.

In the name of humanity,

Yours in one world,

Garry Davis

World Coordinator

World Citizen Garry Davis Declares
World Court of Human Rights "De Juris"
at SF Opera House

Washington, DC, Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeks Judge C.G. Weeramantry, former Associate Justice of ICJ, as Chief Justice

Washington, DC -- Former Broadway actor and B-17 bomber pilot in WWII Garry Davis, (90), founder of the World Government of World Citizens on September 4, 1953 after having renounced his United States nationality and declaring himself a "citizen of the world" on May 5, 1948, will use the historic War Memorial Opera House in SF -- at least the steps -- to declare the de facto World Court of Human Rights he founded at Mulhouse, France on June 12,1974, as de juris.

"Given the nuclear threat to humanity itself," Davis said from his World Government House office in South Burlington, VT, "the obvious solution to save the race is the application of world law based upon fundamental human rights as set forth by the General Assembly of the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed December 10, 1948 from the Palais de Chaillot, Paris, 'as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.'"

"We are today witnessing the breakdown of the nation-state system itself which began with the first World War in 1914," Davis said. "Pacts between nations like St, Petersberg in 1864, Aristide Briand, Nuremberg and UN resolutions by the hundreds are no substitute for law endorsed by the citizens of the world in toto. Our sovereignty, encased in a court of world law, alone can outlaw war throughout the world community. The International Registry of World Citizens I founded on January 1, 1949 was the first symbolic attempt to exercise our will for laws on a global level. From that came the next step, the World Court of Human Rights in 1974 which Statute outlined the principles and formation of our own legal structure. Today we must take the final step to juridical status, already mandated in scripture and semi-official doctrines such as the Nuremberg Principles and the San Francisco Charter"

Davis' latest book, World Citizen Garry Davis Goes to Court contains all the trials from the District Court in Washington, DC, to the ICC in The Hague plus the Statute of the World Court of Human Rights as well aa Judge Weeramantry's dissenting opinion as an Associate Justice at the ICJ

The World Service Authority, administrative and executive agency of the World Government of World Citizens, at 5 Thomas Circle, DC 20005 issues human rights documents in 7 languages based of articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: World Citizen Cards, World Birth Certificates, World Passports, World ID Cards, World Political Asylum Cards, etc.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for
"World take preserve planet earth"

Washington, DC, Tuesday, September 08, 2009

World Citizen Garry Davis responds by recalling past history with UN.

From the Arctic Circle, September 2nd, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made an impassioned plea to all world citizens, particularly world leaders, "to draw an urgent attention to take action immediately, to preserve all what we can to help our succeeding generations to be able to live in a hospitable environment in a sustainable way."

Visiting research stations and meeting with scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute, 1200 kilometres from the North Pole, the 8th UN Secretary-General, from South Korea, was alarmed by the state of the local glaciers and said the effects of climate change were clearly visible and of great concern.

In a letter dated 9/5/09, World Citizen Garry Davis responded "not only in his personal capacity but as a spokesperson for an evolving constituency of world citizens throughout the world community."

After recalling his 61-year-old history with the United Nations starting with his claiming to be the "UN's first citizen" following his expulsion from France on September 11, 1948 and entering the "international territory" of the United Nations General Assembly in Paris, Davis revealed that "On January 1, 1949, I called all those who agreed with the concept of world citizenship to write to me in order to be registered with the International Registry of World Citizens�"

From World Government House in South Burlington, VT, publishing office of the World Government of World Citizens Davis declared on September 4, 1953 following the registration of over 75,000 individuals throughout the world as World Citizens, Davis said, "The Secretary-General's admission that the UN itself is impotent to deal with a global crisis such as environmental warming or even war itself, as admitted to me by its first president Dr. Herbert Evatt in 1948, should be a clarion call to we, the citizens of this world, the real 'world leaders,' must ourselves evolve the enforceable world laws to cope with our common problems. We know how to do this on every social and civic level from municipal to national. But time and distance have imploded on us faster than our political brains can cope with the reality of our totally interdependent 21st century. As Stafford Beer, the eminent cyberneticist has so aptly put it, 'Our brains are conditioned to a vanished past.' Einstein as well had warned us after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 'Every thing has changed except our way of thinking. Either we will eliminate war or war will eliminate us."

The former Broadway actor and WWII B-17 bomber pilot, (now 88), maintained in his letter to the SG, "In that 'citizenship,' in geo-dialectics terms*, is the counterpart of 'government,' your appeal to 'world citizens' acknowledges world government as well. Moreover, the holistic environmental situation we face as humans demands the execution of enforceable world laws alone emanating from a global government rather than piecemeal national efforts which only hasten the inevitable catastrophe."

He noted moreover "that the 1948 United States UN delegate and chairperson of the human rights commission, Eleanor Roosevelt, in her column, My Day, on December 25, 1948, after noting that the UN itself could not create a world government, suggested that this writer 'would set up his own governmental organization and start then and there a worldwide international government."

**See www.worldservice/org/memor.html

Humiliation underscores the present fictional crisis between nations claims World Citizen Garry Davis, World Government founder

Press Release, August 21, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. Statement by World Citizen Garry Davis, World Coordinator of the World Government of World Citizens: As the German nation, after World War I was "humiliated" by the conditions of the Versailles Treaty leading eventually to World War II, so the Russian nation was "humiliated" along with its disintegrating army and navy following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Or so Prime Minister Putin admitted yesterday in his response to criticism by Russia's geo-dialectical rival, the United States of America, of "belligerency." "Nobody respected us, "admitted a Russian general gleefully on the road to Tbilisi, 10 miles inside the artificial frontier of Ossetia, Georgia.

But humiliation is now rampant throughout the ongoing crisis. President Bush, wars going on on two fronts and despite his hair-triggered 3000 nuclear bombs at his juvenile command, together with his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are equally humiliated because of their virtual impotence vis a vis Putin's or Medevev's tanks on the alleged Georgian ground who claim they are within their justifiable "spheres of influence." Then there are the civilian casualties.

Talk about humiliation! We civilians are all humiliated when thinking of what our fellow citizens have gone through and are suffering whether they are in Ossetia, Akhaldaba, Gori, or any other small village being plundered by maurading soldiers, and wondering if it will happen to us wherever we are on the planet.

Despite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights plus the conventions deriving there from, not to mention their membership in the United Nations where its Charter condemns unilateral aggression by its members, the nation-states continue to dominate our collective tribal thinking while, in stark contradiction the news of the latest symptoms of national humiliation invade instantaneously the world's media allowing us global citizens a minute-by-minute audio/video program of their archaic and anachronistic deadly shenanigans.

So when and how does humanity react to this incessant and deadly precursor to conflict: humiliation syndrome?

The present Olympics presents us with the vivid immediate answer. Yes, the games are competitive. Yes, there is a sense of sadness when an athlete loses a race. BUT THERE IS NO HUMILIATION TO HAVE RUN OR SWAM OR JUMPED ONE'S BEST. Because THERE ARE RULES WHICH ARE JUST FOR EVERYONE COMPETING. And each and every athlete agreeing to compete has already agreed to abide by the rules. And just to be a competitor is a major achievement.

At the Olympics, each and every athlete is a de facto citizen of the world. Indeed the very theme of the present games confirms that citizenship: One World, One Dream. There are no rules, however, in the international political arena. Anarchy reigns supreme. And the very United Nations perpetuates that disastrous condition despite its allusion to fundamental human rights.

On May 25, 1948 when claiming the status of a citizen of the world, we predicted the national conflicts would continue to World War III if a world government was not established for humanity.

Others followed in the intervening years. Now millions must claim that dehumiliating status for, as the first article of the UDHR claims "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." The opposite of humiliation is respect. Attention Prime Minister Putin and President Bush and fellow state leaders.


Columbia -- Thoughts from World Citizen Garry Davis

February 2, 2003

Seven humans left Earth on January 16, 2003. They did not return. Forty miles from the planet's surface, seven human hearts stopped beating shortly after 9 a.m., February 1st, 2003. As the news of their tragedy spread throughout the human world, multitudes of other hearts began to beat in the sympathy of shock and grief. Hearts have no nationality, nor do tears, prayers...or souls. These need no passports or visas to reach heaven.

The twelve children tragically bereft of their expired parent, bonded in sudden sorrow, are the mirror of the anguish of our two billion children remaining on earth who face the heritage of possible nuclear holocaust or the daily ravages of poverty and disease.

The seven astronauts saw our home planet as it was: whole, indivisible and solitary. And marveled. Astronauts in the past, including Neil Armstrong who said, on July 16, 1969, as he stepped off Apollo's ladder onto the moon's surface, "One small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind" have undergone revelational changes in their political constructs when viewing the planet from hundreds of miles in space. National frontiers and their rationale of which alleged security and war are the dominant, appear to many space travelers not merely fictional but symptoms of a mindless often fanatical social disorder.

Payload commander, Lieutenant Commander Michael Anderson, when asked in an interview why he risked space travel, said "For me, it's the fact that what I'm doing can have great consequences and great benefits for everyone, for mankind," Kalpana Chawla, aerospace engineer, in a 1998 interview with India Today, said, "When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular part of land, but from the whole solar system." The view from space inevitably leads to a "one world" reality. Space is, after all, 83 miles from each and every human.

"Should the human exploration of space continue?" remains the burning public question of the day. But the answer is dynamically connected to a prior question of humanity's survival as a species. If space exploration is a viable mission for the human race as such, then world peace is the determinant condition of an affirmative answer.

Both parts of the equation in turn relate to our primordial allegiances in this century when leaving Earth itself is part of our daily yet striking reality. World citizenship, with its familiar governmental guarantees, is thus the essential reciprocal social and human prerequisite.

President George Bush spoke movingly yesterday to the world's people saying that "The same creator who names the stars also knows the names of the seven we mourn today."

That same creator also knows the names of all humans who, in Bush's words, "assumed great risk in this service to all humanity."

In the name of the seven whose hearts no longer beat with ours yet whose spirits remain with us, who gave their lives that humanity continues to survive, let world citizenship be our credo for the risks we all face in the coming days. To remain fettered by a less than holistic or planetary mindset is a denial of the universal spirit of the human heart and soul.

UN Secretary-General Confused By Sovereignty Issue

SG Kofi Annan, in his seminal address at the September opening of the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, while condemning state sovereignty "in a world transformed by geo-political, economic, technological and environmental changes..." sidestepped calling for a world government as a sensible replacement.

His conclusion that "State sovereignty, in its most basic sense, is being redefined by the forces of globalization and international cooperation..." both indict the UN itself as impotent to deal with the real world and implicitly affirms the necessity for global government to do the complex job.

But rather than follow through on his indictment with a bold call for world law and its institutions-indeed as Article 28 of the UDHR calls for-true to diplomatic obfuscation, and career duty, in a veiled confession of present do-nothingness, he promised belatedly that "As secretary-general, I have made it my highest duty to restore the United Nations to its rightful role in the pursuit of peace and security..." (Emphasis added.)

The first President of the General Assembly, Dr. Herbert Evatt, was more blunt: "The United Nations was not set up to make peace," he wrote in a letter to Paris World Citizens in 1948, "but only to maintain it once it was made by the Great Powers..."

Today, however, the "Great Powers" have been reduced to the "Great Power," the United States, the biggest "Caesar" of all time whose military budget for the year 2000 is $268 billion!

Now Mr. Annan, hat in hand, must abandon the UN's "international territory," on NY's East River, "enter" the US and repair to Washington to plead with Jesse Helms, iconoclast chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, for US back dues. What irony!

Maybe, in the interests of true sovereignty and political correctness, the SG should reread article 21(3) of the UDHR: "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."

Hemp Grows on World, Not National, Territory

Anyone who has studied for ten minutes the 1937 United States' laws re the growing of hemp learns surprisingly that this miracle crop is not illegal if it is identified as "industrial." The DEA, however, which has been given the legal authority by the executive branch to issue the permits, has arbitrarily and unjustly lumped hemp with marijuana, a substance dubbed "illegal" only since that same year.

That hemp's history dates back to ancient times, is cited in all the holy writings from the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist, Sufi, and the Bible, was obligatory for farmers to grow in American Revolutionary days-both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were parttime hemp farmers-has over 5000 practical uses, protects the soil and is a satisfactory substitute for wood and paper being 75% cellulose and 25% fiber, does not deter the US Government from falsely linking it to marijuana and thus forbid its growing.

But, viewed globally or holistically, is the United States itself "legal?" Or is it an antiquated 18th century political fiction which has outlived its usefulness? Its present-day nuclear policy clearly suggests the latter.

Hemp, after all, grows on planetary turf, world territory, not on a fictional "national territory." The fundamental issue. therefore, is not whether the US government claims the growing of industrial hemp "legal" or "illegal," but whether any national government has the legal right to deny a product proven eminently useful to humankind, its right to life and global service.

Here we have another clear-cut argument for world environmental law.

Moreover, article 11(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that "No one shall be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act or omission which did not consitute a penal offense, under national or international law, at the time which it was committed." (Emphasis added). There is no international law prohibiting the growing of industrial hemp. The proof is that over 50 countries are presently growing it. (Imports of hemp products to the United States, ironically, are growing exponentially.)

That the so-called US "Drug War" is an artifice and a fraud perpetrated by official ignorance and greed is apparent to all who study its origins as well as its results. The true facts are open for all to see. Indeed US prisons are warehoused with citizens with horror stories rooted in so-called drug abuse. Aided and abetted by the police, courts and even the army, the DEA has become an overt collaborator with injustice and oppression sanctioned by governmental fiat.

Apparently, present-day US officials have learned nothing from the last major governmental prohibition which led to the 21st Amendment...after the rise of the Mafia.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Treaty, Fact or Fiction?

The CNBT against nuclear testing has been signed by 152 nations but ratified by only 41. But suppose all 152 nations ratified the treaty as well as the rest of the nation-states closing out at 200? Would the world community be any more secure? Not on your life! Every single nation-state would still assume the legal "right" to wage war itself against any and all "enemies." After all, that's what nations do best.

But there is a problem. When the weapons are nuclear, who precisely is the enemy? Both the General Assembly of the UN and the International Court of Justice have named it: humanity.

When the US Congress failed to ratify the CNBT, although President Clinton had signed it two years before, a report by nuclear arms experts commissioned by Japan warned that " is urgent that the United States, along with Russia, China, India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan ratify the pact against nuclear prevent arms control from unraveling further." Note the final word.

India's rationale for testing while millions go underfed -at the same time seeking a permanent UN Security Council seat-considers "possession of nuclear weapons an attribute to great-power status." So much for India's ancient tradition of wisdom teaching and practice.

There is an worldwide public denial in this irrational and perhaps ultimate human drama. Because humanity has not yet been destroyed, no one can accept that it can be. Thus the argument goes, "Well, it hasn't happened yet, therefore, it can't happen."

This fallacious reasoning is an indication of a species going mad.

The analogy of the frog in the water pot over ever-increasing heat until finally it boils to death is depressingly relevant.

Marriage Is a Human Right

"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status...." (Article 2, Universal Declaration of Huma n Rights.)

"Men and women of full age, without any limitations due to race, nationality, or religion, have the right to marry and found a family....Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses." (Article 16, [1] and [2] Universal Declaration of Human Rights.)

Certain states arbitrarily prohibit marriage due to religious laws (Jewish and Muslim), sexual discrimination, refugee status, etc. As Member-States of the United Nations, however, they are obliged to "observe and respect fundamental human rights." (UN Charter, article 55 & 56).

Human rights, however, must be claimed by the humans concerned.

Registered citizens of the World Government of World Citizens can now apply for an application form for a World Marriage Certificate based on the above human rights.

Recently Russian refugee residents of Israel prohibited from marrying by the strict orthodox Jewish laws have discovered this unique global service of the WGWC through its agency, the World Service Authority(R).

The WSA has issued over 30 World Marriage Certificates to non-Jewish Israeli residents since May, 1999. All recipients receive a copy of the UDHR in either English, Russian, Arabic or Hebrew.

The application form can be downloaded from this Website. (See Documents).