How to register as a World Citizen

You will have to print and email or post this form to register. Or you complete the online form by clicking here. To have a printed form mailed to you, write to the World Service Authority in Washington, D.C. (See address below)

All registered world citizens will receive the World Citizen Card, laminated and in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Esperanto. The possession of this card is evidence of a global political status allied with each and every other declared and registered World Citizen.


A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present. A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one. A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others. As a global person, a World Citizen relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle. Politically, a World Citizen accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies. A World Citizen brings about better understanding and protection of different cultures, ethnic groups and language communities by promoting the use of a neutral international language, such as Esperanto. A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying and respecting the viewpoints of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world.


I, the undersigned, do hereby, willingly and consciously, declare myself to be a Citizen of the World. As a World Citizen, I affirm my planetary civic commitment to WORLD GOVERNMENT, founded on three universal principles of One Absolute Value, One World, and One Humanity which constitute the basis of World Law. As a World Citizen I acknowledge the WORLD GOVERNMENT as having the right and duty to represent me in all that concerns the General Good of humankind and the Good of All. As a Citizen of World Government, I affirm my awareness of my inherent responsibilities and rights as a legitimate member of the total world community of all men, women, and children, and will endeavor to fulfill and practice these whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. As a Citizen of World Government, I recognize and reaffirm citizenship loyalties and responsibilities within the communal state, and/or national groupings consistent with the principles of unity above which constitute now my planetary civic commitment.

DATA CONSENT: By signing below, the applicant gives explicit consent (opts in) to provide and share their personal information and data.


Signature of World Citizen and Date

Fill out below and sign Affirmation and Consent above and return with fee to:   World Service Authority * 5 Thomas Circle, NW * Washington, D.C.        20005 * Tel: (202) 638-2662 * Fax: (202) 638-0638



Please type or print all information

Please include your US$40 world citizenship registration fee and choose the left or right column below according to your preference of making an annual financial commitment:

FIRST NAME(S):______________________________________
FAMILY NAME:________________________________________
GENDER: M  F  X  T ___

Registration fee: US$40
Annual minimum contribution to
World Government (Optional): US$30
Required Postage: US$5

Registration fee: US$40
Annual minimum contribution to
World Government (Optional):
US$30 -or- US$___
Required Postage: US$5

To pay online, click here.


Please check "Yes" below if interested:

_______ Yes, I would like to be contacted by other world citizens
in my region of the world.

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