World Government Programs


Information on mundialization. The act of declaring your city a member of the global community.

Universal Human Rights Project

The WSA and its representatives around the world educate about universal awareness of and universal respect for universal rights.

World Syntegrity Project

An ongoing global conference to explore the vital question: "How can we, as sovereign world citizens, govern our world?"

World Referendum

The Internet, skillfully applied and judiciously managed, can help serve as the obvious communication tool whereby the citizens of the world can finally vote on common global issues.

Sovereign Order of World Guards

The World Guards are individuals who will represent World Law with their total dedication to the welfare of humanity and the earth. One of their main functions will be, through non-violent means, to neutralize conflicts that arise due to closed and aggresive tendencies in all affairs of society. The World Guards is a program of the World Citizen Government that is in the initial stages of formation.

World Parliament