Universal Human Rights Project

One of the main functions of the World Service Authority is to educate about, promote, and implement universal human rights -- to raise awareness of and universal respect for our rights and duties as human beings on planet earth.

With every document that the WSA issues, applicants receive a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which all UN member-states have agreed to respect and which can now be considered customary international law. WSA's Universal Human Rights Awareness Project provides thousands of copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in multiple languages to individuals, schools, houses of worship, businesses, NGOs, other educational institutions, peace and human rights organizations, and inter-governmental offices around the world.

WSA's Legal Advocacy Department provides information and education to the global public about claiming and exercising our universal rights. The Department also provides free legal advocacy to refugees, stateless persons, and others suffering from persecution and human rights violations. Through legal education and advocacy, WSA is advancing global awareness of and respect for human rights.

Representatives of the World Service Authority throughout the world provide information about human rights to individuals in their locality and in their language. As ambassadors for peace and human rights, representatives promote the culture of peace and recognition of rights and duties to each other and to the earth. Through conferences, seminars, speeches, panels, and other events, the WSA and its representatives share the world citizenship and world law missions of the World Service Authority. (Click here for information regarding WSA Representatives and World Commissioners.)

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