A Letter from the Publisher

1 July 1997

Dear World Citizen,

With the Internet expanding exponentially, we have decided to phase out the print media format of World Citizen News. Instead, we plan to provide an revised version of the newsletter here on our web site. You may find the link to the newsletter at www.worldcitizennews.org or on the links page at www.worldservice.org/links.html.

This cyberspace version-in a global press service format -can be more timely, potentially with almost daily updates on world law. world citizens and world government actions and programs taking place throughout the planet. I will be writing a "Garry Davis World Report" as circumstances, time and energy permit. This logical move will certainly provide a more environmentally sustainable alternative to the paper-based media

Speaking personally, publishing World Citizen News since 1975 has been for me a work of devotion and mission. I know it has had influence, both in giving evidence that there is a holistic way of viewing people, events and things, and in the political realm. When President Nelson Mandela recently told South Africans to think of themselves as "World Citizens," and President Vaclav Havel with some of his fellow heads of state give lip-service to "world governance," I think we have the right to take some credit, for as Emery Reves noted, "In the democratic sense, sovereignty resides in the (world) community."

So with upwards of 60 million "Neticens" surfing the Internet's cyberspace daily and growing by 10% per month, here is where we will be concentrating our publishing energies! (Currently, you can already find 11 issues on-line at our site, including the last issue. Former issues will go on-line in due course).

Should you have any questions about World Citizen News and upcoming media and publishing activities, please feel free to contact us at the the World Service Authority, 5 Thomas Circle NW, Washington, DC 20005. Our Email address is: info@worldservice.org.

Happy surfing!

Yours in one world,

Garry Davis

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