An ongoing global conference to explore the vital question:

"How can we, as sovereign world citizens, govern our world?"

A few pertinent questions for you:

Do you have answers to or opinions about these questions?

You can address these questions and many more through the World Syntegrity(R) Project - the evolution of democratic world government. Only you can add your unique point of view and life experience. Sign up really can make a difference.

Background on World Syntegrity(R)

The World Syntegrity Project was designed especially for the use of world citizens to provide an effective means for individuals to participate locally and yet have their voices heard globally. The creation of the World Syntegrity Project is the logical and inevitable link between organizational science and world politics, enabling concerned citizens to surmount obstacles facing large numbers of people who wish to communicate on issues of global as well as local importance. This is the key to global government through local involvement.

The Syntegration(R) process uses Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome (icosahedron) structure and principles of cybernetics to create a non- hierarchical group structure that permits maximum creativity in problem-solving while still generating cohesive results. Participants in the three-to-four day event examine topics revolving around the question "How can we, as sovereign world citizens, govern our world?" and issue final statements which, compiled with statements from groups all over the world, are sent to Heads of State and decision makers everywhere. These statements will eventually form the basis of the constitution of the World Government of World Citizens. /

The World Syntegrity Project is sponsored by the World Service Authority. Garry Davis, Coordinator and Founder of the World Government of World Citizens, and a stateless world citizen and activist since 1948, commissioned eminent cybernetician Stafford Beer in 1985 to develop the process, which was launched successfully in 1993 in 10 cities worldwide. Results of all the Syntegrations to date, are available in compiled booklet form from the World Service Authority or through e-mail at your request (; and here on the World Citizen Web. Syntegrations are expected to continue through this new century, and an online Syntegration is planned for the near future.

The World Syntegrity Project, under the auspices of the World Service Authority, seeks global donations to continue this grass-roots democratization and constitutional law process so that individuals in cities, towns and villages throughout the world may participate.

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Synergy + Integrity = SYNTEGRITY(R)


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