Letters to the WSA

The following is a list, by subject, of a few of the letters that have been sent to the World Service Authority from individuals all over the world. These letters also appeared in the World Citizen News.

Threatened by Terrorists


Dear Sir,

am a southern Sudanese refugee born in Juba 1962 seeking the World Service Authority Passport to enable me to leave Algeria due to lack of security guarantee to my life.

My basic needs for protection and shelter are in danger from both the Algerian government and the very same Islamic fundamentalists whom I'm opposed to in Sudan.

Although the UNHCR have given me three months provision, while they negotiate with the government to grant me refugee status, my life is at risk from the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist.

I am, therefore, asking you and your world office to assist me with the World Service Authority Passport to enable me to leave Algeria to go where I can be protected and free to stay until the Almighty God brings peace to the war-torn southern Sudan.

Thank you much in advance and thanks.

Yours faithfully.

[Name Withheld]

Pleased To Be a World Citizen

March 16, 1995, McLean, Va.

Dear Mr. Davis,

I am pleased to inform you that I officially became a world citizen as of March 9, 1995. It is with great pleasure that I address this letter to you since your organization has realized my long-time vision of a united world of citizens...to acknowledge that you have initiated a movement towards better socio-economic well-being; general political interaction; justice; and most importantly justification of human rights, warrant[ing] a peaceful, unified world. That is what we all hope to achieve.

I am best suited to understand the difficulties of varying degrees in our global community because of my vast experience and worldwide travels in Africa, South America, Europe, and North America. Furthermore, I can readily state that my perception of the international commercial arena relating to trade issues is uniquely accurate. To my great advantage, I manage and own an international trading firm specializing in selective imports and U. S. exports, and market research.

In due respect, I thank you for this wonderful opportunity. If I could be of any service to you or your organization, please do not hesitate to let your requirements be known to me. I look forward to our long-term relationship and future cooperation.

Without further notice, I remain.


Ned Vidakovic
President, Gemmex Intertrade America Inc.

Fled Bosnia


Dear Sirs:

I am appealing for your help to issue passports for my wife, my daughter and me.

I was born in Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia in 1955. I lived in Belgrade for 28 years. At the time a war broke out in ex-Yugoslavia, I was working in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia-Herzegovina as a customs officer.

In August my family fled to Croatia, where we still live. I left all my property in B-H, and my family and I have just bare hands without any means for living.

A friend of mine sent me a letter of guarantee inviting my family and me to come to Spain. For that we should have passports which are impossible to get in this situation. Being subject to military conscription, I cannot get a passport from Bosnian authorities. Therefore I am addressing your Service to help me find a solution.

We thank you for your understanding and are waiting for a prompt reply.

Faithfully yours,

[Name Withheld]

Suffering Awaits


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you in the hope that you can assist me. I am a citizen of Turkey. However, I am now in danger of being deported back to my homeland from which I fled to seek political asylum in Germany. At this particular time, I am serving a jail sentence for a crime I didn't commit. I have been informed that I will be deported soon.

Therefore, I beg you to help me to get a WSA passport that will enable me to travel to a democratic country with humanitarian ideals. This I cannot emphasize enough: if I am deported to my homeland, pain and suffering is what awaits me. I received your address from the American Consulate in Munich, Germany. They had also informed me that neither the U.S. nor Germany recognizes your institution.

I am slowly running out of time and choices. Please correspond! I had help in writing this letter, so if at all possible could you please respond in Turkish?

Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Sincerely yours,

[Name Withheld]



Dear Sir,

I wish to apply to your service for an issue of one passport. I am a Sierra Leonean residing in Gambia. Because of the terrible war in my country, I fled without any documents and presently conditions in Gambia are not favorable for me.

I am 23 years old and come from a relatively small family but due to this war, I have lost both parents and my beloved only brother. So I am left as an orphan with no one to care for me except the Almighty Allah.

Moreover, here in Gambia I am staying with a friend who in fact is not a citizen of this country and mostly he is jobless. My life is ridiculous and filled with worries.

I had wanted to travel further in order to get myself less worried till the war is over in my country but the absence of my documents will not allow me to travel.

Yours faithfully,

[Name Withheld]

Intermediary Men

Iasi, Romania

Dear Sirs,

I'm a young Romanian, and I heard with happy surprise about the World Authority Passport Service. God bless you in all your good acts, in correlation with human rights, and the rights of freedom in travel for everyone in the world.

I'm a good Christian, I speak three foreign languages, and my way of life is for peace and love in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like so much to obtain this passport, so please send me full details about it.

I request directly from you this information because here in Romania there are "intermediary men" who receive large sums of money for providing information. One of them ask from me 1000 U.S. dollars for telling me your address, but I have a good memory and I reproduced it by heart.

Yours Sincerely,

Persinaru Iulian


Kinshasa, Zaire

Dear Sir,

I am very pleased to write to your high responsibility in order to apply for a World Service Authority Passport.

I am 33 years old, married, and father of four children. I have been employed by the Agency for International Development (USAID) from 1984 to 1991. And from 1991 to 1992, I was working as an investigator for the Zairian League of Human Rights.

I really campaign for human rights and for reasons having to do with my own convictions, I want to be registered as a Citizen of the World Government. That is why I here request for the above.

Many thanks for your assistance.


Mbula Kabamba

Escaped Saddam's Hell


To World Service Authority,

Our regard and respect to you and to your human work toward refugees. We are Iraqi Kurdish from Karkuk City which is under control by Saddam's regime. We escaped from Saddam's hell in 1991 after Gulf War.

We think as a result of Iraqi dictatorial politics, the Iraqi regime gave the death blow to the millions of innocent human beings and burned them alive in the furnace of unwanted wars, or by chemical bombs and deadly missiles.

We are living now in Iran - my wife and two sons. We left Iraq towards Iran in very bad weather and between mountains and on foot, leaving everything behind. We are unwilling to return to Iraq because of civil unrest and inflation and unemployment and violation of human rights. We can't build our future there.

The true reason which makes me write this letter to you is my hope to get a world passport. If you are in defense of human rights in the world, you are in defense of the poor, including my family. We haven't a future. Life is very difficult in Iran. We need a free life. You are a very kind man.

Yours faithfully,

[Name Withheld]

Best Way To Travel



I heard very recently about the World Service Authority from a friend who showed me some prints about the WSA. I am very much interested in becoming a citizen of the world; in fact we are a group, so I would like you to provide me with more information about the WSA passport.

It is really the best way to travel round the world and meet people from different parts of this planet. I do believe that the world is a big village where friendship, love, and solidarity are very possible.

I would like to know more about the WSA and its services. Please, send also the World Citizen News, the Ellsworth Declaration, the Memorandum on World Government, and the 1978 Position Paper. Are these documents free?

I had the feeling of the global commitment well before hearing about the WSA, so now is the opportunity to be physically committed to this world.

Chettih Miloud

Burma Rave

Bangkok, Thailand

To the Editor:

I am in receipt of your WSA passport. Thank you very much for your kindly assistance.

I am the member of the Sacred Society of the True Democracy for Burma. I can tell you I will never forget your help.

Saw Khaing Win

Stateless and Afraid


Dear Sir,

I'm in big trouble at present. I want you people to come to my aid and save me from this problem.

My real nation is Sudan on the African continent and there is war there now at present. When I went to seek political asylum in Belgium, the Belgium authority took me to the Embassy of Sudan in Belgium, where the Embassy denied that I'm a citizen of Sudan, resulting in serious argument. They now suspect that I'm a citizen of Nigeria. They took me to Lagos in Nigeria at Mulutala Mohammed Airport on the 7th of July 1994. When we got there, the immigration denied that I'm a Nigerian citizen. I came back with the same flight, which is Sabena, owned by the Belgium government.

Furthermore, at present I am a stateless person. The Belgium government gave me five days to leave the country, and I don't know where to go. I am now frustrated with life and with this order they gave me. If I am caught I will be imprisoned; so please, I need your help.

Now I'm homeless and jobless and again; I'm hiding up and down so that the police will not arrest me. So as a result, I'm confused and restless.

I will be very grateful if the World Service Authority can grant me the world passport.

Yours faithfully,

[Name Withheld]

Political Victim


Dear Sir,

I've the honor to write you that I have absconded to Pakistan as a political victim. Now I am poor living in Malaysia. I can't live hand to mouth.

I want to live in a peaceful world. So I am so sick for WSA Passport form. I've no alternative source for life without your WSA passport. I am in a crying need of WSA passport form.

I am also human being and creature of God. Please, Sir, let me live. If you send me WSA passport form, I will get new life of world and will be grateful to you forever.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

[Name Withheld]

Togolese Refugee


Dear Sir,

I am pleased to submit to your kind attention my letter explaining my situation since 1992 as a refugee. I hope you could understand my situation which makes me unable me to pay the amount requested for having a World Service passport.

In fact I am Togolese and some months back I expressed myself by writing you a letter. I was explaining my real situation here in Ghana. No peace of mind, no financial support. When I went to UNHCR, I didn't get a good result. Nobody in this office wants to help me. Meanwhile I showed to the master in charge of student matters my refugee card which I got in Benin.

Honestly I can't go back to my country because I was under arrest when I ran away to Benin and from Benin I came to Ghana. Now, I am appealing for help from the WSA and, I wish to become a part of the World Syntegrity Project. And I hope my name will be added to the list. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I remain faithfully yours,

Philip Kokou Tossoukpe

Tears of Sorrow

Dima Refugee Camp

Subject: Membership Admission Form

Dear Sir,

With flowing tears of sorrow, I would like to seize this opportunity to apply for the above mentioned subject to enable me to resettle in any philanthropic country that would really sympathize with conditions of the suffering people of the Sudan.

I am a Sudanese national, due to the insecure political situation in the country. I took refugee to Addis-Ababa, the capital Ethiopia because of disadvantaged war in the southern Sudan. I faced many problems as well as tortures in my country. Life becomes difficult as jobs were given to northern Muslims only. Christians faced many problems.

Therefore, for the above reasons, I would be very grateful if you may please consider this application of mine out of humanitarian grounds.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

I remain yours faithfully,

Joseph Loku Loboka


Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Mr. Davis,

I write to thank, praise, and congratulate you for the "World Citizen News" which I have been receiving from you since this year.

In fact, words are inadequate to express how much I appreciate "World Citizen News" any time I receive my copy. I have found your magazine very interesting, educative, informative, and inspiring. Please, many Nigerians signifie interest in having World documents and your "World Citizen News."

I pray that God should give you courage, strength, and energy to continue your good work for humanity because we love it.

I wish you God's abundant blessing and best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Larry C. Ubani (Esq.)
Chief Executive/Managing Director
Bunalco Enterprises and Suppliers

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