A letter to those requesting World Political Asylum

Dear World Citizen,

The right to political asylum goes back to ancient times and is cited in Art. 14(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

The word "enjoy" is ambiguous and non-legal. It does not oblige a country to "grant" asylum to a persecuted individual. (That explains why millions of our fellow humans are placed in "refugee" camps and denied living conditions cited as "human rights" by the above Declaration. Legally, they are denied entry to the country of residence). On the other hand, what a state can grant it can also deny. But the denial of a human right is a contradiction of the inalienable character of that right in the first place. If human rights are inalienable and inherent in the character of being human, they depend on their affirmation by the human concerned.


Therefore we interpret the above article as containing its own sovereign power. This means in turn that the right of asylum is not one of "horizontal" deplacement and safeguarding by another state, but a "vertical" claim of planetary asylum from the oppressive state system itself.

In short, political asylum on the planetary level is a necessity brought about by the persecutory nature of the nation-state system itself. It ensures that you and others cannot become victims of the conflicts between nation-states which in large measure create the conditions leading to persecution in the first place. World political asylum stems from the recognition of rights for the human race, such as defined by the UDHR, the Nuremberg Principles and the Genocide Convention .

Furthermore, the claim of "world political asylum" can be made only by the individual who has FIRST claimed a global civic status. That status of world citizenship in turn is legally grounded in your individual sovereignty to choose the government you wish and know can protect your rights.

We are preparing, in cooperation with international lawyers, a brief on "world political asylum" based on precedents and actual cases. We will keep you informed when this brief is available. In the meantime, please keep a record of all developments of your situation and keep us informed whenever possible.

Yours in one world,

Garry Davis, World Coordinator

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