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David Gallup's blog! Also, an archive of Garry Davis' personal blog is available at by clicking here.

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Global Roundup

Late breaking news from around the world concerning human rights and the evolution of world government.

World Citizen Updates

Current Updates and Archives of Updates including "Who Represents World Citizens," and "Our Global Antiterrorism Challenge".


Letters of Support

A few among many letters of support for the efforts of Garry Davis, that have been received over the years

Letters to the World Service Authority

A list, by subject, of a few of the letters that have been sent to the World Service Authority from individuals all over the world.


The World Government Catalog has information about related books, videos, t-shirts, etc.


An appeal for funding from the World Service Authority.

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Contact the World Service Authority

Addresses and phone numbers for contacting the World Service Authority.

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World Citizen News

World Citizen News Magazine

Information about the World Citizen News. Links to the online version, and an index of back issues.

WCN Cartoons

Cartoons from past issues of the print version of World Citizen News.